Comau presents its competences in e-mobility at the 2023 NEV battery module and pack materials technology summit in China

Shanghai, Sep 18, 2023 – On September 15, Comau participated in the 2023 New Energy Vehicle Battery Module and Pack Materials and Intelligent Assembly Technology Summit held in Shanghai. The conference brought together nearly 300 attendees from universities, research institutions and enterprises, and facilitated in-depth discussions on a series of hot topics and focal points within the battery industry through keynote speeches.

During this event, Suo Lei, Head of Comau Technology China, presented insights into the evolving trends in battery technology development. He elaborated on Comau’s cutting-edge innovations and new processes in the battery manufacturing field. Indeed, Comau has been driving innovation in the production of batteries for electric vehicles for the past several years. The company’s reliable solutions and products have been providing essential support to leading EV and battery manufacturers worldwide, with flexible solutions that help customers enhance productivity, reduce costs, and prioritize safety and sustainability.

In cell formation, for example, Comau’s collaboration with the GIGABAT project will enable a more compact chamber layout and warehouse management strategy than other alternatives by optimizing the recuperation and reuse of electric energy and heat, which is expected to result in savings of up to 20% in electric and thermal energy. Battery dismantling technology is also a focus of Comau, with the development of Flex-BD, a robotic system for automated dismantling of used batteries, which utilizes a flexible, repeatable and standardizable process that allows companies to reduce waste and optimize the reuse of the raw materials that make up battery packs. In addition, Comau’s technological solutions for battery production cover further key areas, including solid-state batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, battery module and pack assembly, and battery trays processing.

As an automation expert in the automotive industry, Comau not only offers automation solutions for efficient production and assembly of standardized batteries in the electric vehicle field but also possesses automation technology and extensive experience in various aspects such as powertrains, assembly testing systems, and body assembly. The company’s steadfast dedication to supporting its customers extends to  developing market-leading new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and providing innovative electrification solutions for the future.