​An innovative system designed especially for automotive sector, SmartSprayComau uses Plasma Transferred Wire Arc (PTWA) technology to coat cylinder bores creating a thin layer of hard material by spraying molten metallic particles at extremely high speed.

Comau added value

  • Experience: Decades of Body and Powertrain machinery expertise coupled with leadership in thermal spray
  • Versatility: Wide range of modular configurations make it suitable for low to high volume installations
  • Monolithic aluminum block
  • Cost and weight reduction
  • Reduced aluminum engine package
  • Product and production flexibility
  • Better thermodynamics

Benefícios ecológicos

  • NVH, knock and friction reduction
  • No gaps, low heat (Q) capacity
  • Friction reduction of up to 55%
  • Up to 3 times more durable than cast iron
  • Start Stop enabler
  • More efficient emission
  • Increased fuel economy of up to 3%

SmartSprayComau LS100

Single RobotSingle 135 Amp Power Supply
Single TorchA/B load table with two single fixtures
Compressed Air1 200 l/min – ISO Class 2 at 8,4 bar
Argon80 l/min at 8,4 bar
Hydrogen15 l/min at 8,4 bar
Dust Collection70 nm3 / min
LS 100 Basic Configuration

SmartSprayComau LS200

Dual RobotDual 100 Amp Power Supply
Dual TorchesA/B load table with two dual fixtures
Compressed Air2 400 l/min – ISO Class 2 at 8,4 bar
Argon160 l/m bei 8,4 bar
Hydrogen30 l/min at 8,4 bar
Dust Collection120 nm3 / min
LS 200 Basic Configuration