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Motor behind imagination

Comau protagonist at the Application Park

In the Application Park (Hall 17, E42) a Racer3 robot - one of the smallest in the Comau robot range - will be installed in the collaborative version featuring AURA (Advanced Use Robot Arm), and will play tic-tac-toe with the guests. 
Comau also shows a demo cell with a Racer3 robot as part of an openROBOTICS solution, which allows the complete integration of the robot control with different machines or production lines. As a result, openROBOTICS eliminates the need for separate robot controls and gateways, and makes it possible to drive the robot directly by the machine control. This integrated solution can also be seen at the B&R booth, a Comau partner, who showcases two Comau robots in the openROBOTICS version running on the SuperTrak intelligent industrial transport system.

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