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Master Degree in Industrial Automation Management


Duration260 hours (32.5 days) in presence and 80 hours in distance learning
Recognized TitleAcademic Master Degree

​Master Presentation

Comau is a leading global provider of advanced manufacturing systems. We apply our Industrial Automation key skills and technologies to develop factories of the future.
Our Comau Academy’s forty plus years of experience allows us to play a leadership role in competences development.
ESCP Europe is the world's oldest business school and has educated generations of leaders and entrepreneurs.
ESCP Europe connects and shapes the business world by advancing cross cultural management knowledge and practice.
The Master in Industrial Automation Management we have designed - together with the most distinguished international universities - is a great opportunity for those who wish to develop Industrial Automation skills in order to be ready for future challenges.

New Skills for Manufacturing

As a consequence of the continuous social and economic global challenges, the world of manufacturing is changing with new skills.

Industrial Automation solutions present a great opportunity to rethink and improve the current production paradigm. The best people are needed to face there challenges and take advantage of Industrial Automation. Only those who are high skilled with a deep-rooted understanding of technology as well as markets, and with a forward-looking mindset, can unlock the potential of innovative manufacturing solutions.

The Automation Engineer


  • Think strategically and lead technological and organisational chang
  • Identify the manufacturing process needs and opportunities for applying Industrial Automation
  • Dialogue with product / process design and technical departments
  • Actively contribute to the Industrial Automation solutions development
  • Understand the main implications that characterise production systems
  • Manage complex and technologically advanced portfolios of supplies and suppliers
  • Ensure a strong project management governance
  • Lead the team involved in the development of the new manufacturing system

Participants (two targets)

Applicants will be selected through a specific assessment process with recruitment tests and interviews.

Exceptionally motivated and passionate about technology, manufacturing and management.
Fluent in English and preferably another language.
Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, in a technical discipline.

  • Both Company-Sponsored or Self-Sponsored
  • Will carry out project work within their company
  • Self-Sponsored
  • Will carry out project work as full-time internship at Comau or at a partner

Master Structure

​Five one-week long modules in class supplemented by self-learning modules and project work.


Learning model

During the classroom sessions the participants will follow an interactive training path designed and delivered by the best international academics and professionals.

During the company experience, participants will interact and work with the top Industrial Automation subject matter experts.

Our Master provides participants with a great opportunity for practical learning by applying the Industrial Automation knowledge in an automation lab and completing concrete project work.

A unique value proposition

For Companies

  • Grow and develop your most important investments: people and technology
  • Networking and Benchmarking
  • Recruiting services
  • Internships​

For Participants

  • Grow and develop your most investments: knowledge, skills and network.
  • Academic accreditation
  • Recruiting services

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