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“Lean the Change” workshop hosted by Comau in collaboration with AILM

​Comau organized, in collaboration with AILM - Association of Italian Lean Managers, the "Lean the Change. Lean Experiences for the Industry " workshop, hosted in its headquarters in Grugliasco in June.
During the event, many leading companies from different industrial sectors (aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, heavy industry, logistics, pharma and others) shared analysis of real lean logic application cases spanning all business areas, from manufacturing to infrastructure, facilities to logistics, and the promotion of best practices.

For its part, Comau made several successful experiences in the field of automation and industrial processes, related to improving efficiency and production quality. Among them, two projects deserve special mention aimed respectively to:

  • The reduction of production waste on a high production rate process - thanks to an analysis aimed at identifying the critical points and developing the appropriate technology to be used in the new quality gate.
  • The introduction in heavy machinery of a lean production system at  high efficiency - typical of the automotive sector - with the aim of increasing product quality, ergonomics for operators, logistics of the plant, and throughput.

The workshop was also an important networking opportunity between the lean managers engaged in the pursuit of continuous improvement and increasing efficiency of business processes.
"Lean the Change. Lean Experiences for the Industry” is also the first workshop promoted by AILM which included the so-called gemba walk, a visit to the production environment in order to identify critical issues and show the related solutions.

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