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Redesigning Automation.

For us, it’s a recurring theme that accompanies almost every activity within Comau - from products to systems and from training to customer relations – and expresses itself with a combination of style and technology.
It’s a state of mind and a driver of excellence.
It’s the area where we are considered significantly better than the competition.
It’s what challenges us to reach new heights in leading the Culture of Automation.

The significant financial and human resources engaged in R&D allow us to remain on the cutting edge of innovation in the field of industrial production. This winning combination of advanced technological know-how and long-term experience explains why companies of all sizes, all over the world, operating in a vast range of industries, trust our products, services and turnkey solutions to drive their businesses.

Our new design strategy is proof of our commitment to driving the future of automation. We’re leveraging our automotive expertise to design automated factory architectures that are inspired by innovation and backed by knowledge, culture and vision.  
Comau’s new style and new colors show that Comau stands as an international benchmark for the Culture of Automation.


Our Innovation Pillars

Open Innovation and co-creation is our way for Comau to take advantage of the ideas and energy from people outside our organization in order to generate disruptive innovations to products and solutions. Aligned with the goals of develop cutting edge technologies and high-performance products and solutions, Comau has been on the path of innovation for more than 40 years.
Our Innovation model focuses on:

Easy to Use Solutions
Production architectures that are increasingly responsive to dynamic market demands, many of which require radical changes in terms of production topologies. Easy to use is a critical aspect of any product or solution Comau makes. This is what drove our Comau Human Machine Interface (HMI). It is also what drives our control engineers to design intuitive, easy to understand and easy to learn solutions that keep automation simple by hiding the innovative technologies and features that could be too intricate for the final user.

Added Value Manufacturing Solutions Backed by Advanced Technologies
This innovation priority supports the development, refinement and implementation of a comprehensive set of enabling manufacturing technologies and innovative processes that facilitate flexibility, the use of advanced materials, the achievement of high performance in terms of quality and productivity (precision and zero-defect), efficiency in the use of energy and materials, and a significant reduction of emissions.

Human Robot Collaboration
The focus of innovation activities under this innovation priority address symbiotic human-machine relations, which seek a deeper understanding of human behavior and go beyond conventional approaches.


A Question of Style

Design is a deep value of contemporary culture, especially for a global company like Comau with strong Italian roots. 

Our contemporary design approach emphasizes high performance, streamlined aesthetics and the extensive use of transparent panels to show externally the technological superiority of the product. 
We believe in the role that style and design can play in stimulating productivity and excellence within an industrial environment. And we prove it to our Customers, every day, through our innovative design philosophy.