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HUMANufacturing: Comau’s “Factory of the Future”

Comau is engaged in giving a concrete form to a new era of automation that is open, connected, and easy to understand and use; thanks to the development of new products, cutting-edge technologies and an innovative concept of the factory, it is called HUMANufacturing.

A new way of manufacturing

​With HUMANufacturing, Comau defines its new approach to manufacturing and its own way to Industry 4.0 to meet the challenges and needs of an ever-changing market.
In the “factory of the future”, industrial robots are no longer confined within barriers, but can work closely and in total security with man, which plays a central role in the production process. The interaction between operators and machines is made efficient and secure by collaborative robots and new digital technologies. Industrial machines become 'smart', more and more flexible, and easy to use in an integrated and connected manufacturing system. 

The solutions to 4.0 factory

​This new production methodology, within the Industry 4.0 paradigm, was showcased at Hannover Messe 2017. Thanks to the use of innovative, collaborative and digital technologies it was possible to create an automated production cell composed by units that interact with the general system and with the operators, who are the center of production in all its phases.

Collaborative robotics solutions

Industrial cobots with high payload that work in close contact with operators within the assembly line, while man can deal with fewer heavy and more-value added tasks. AURA (Advanced Use Robotic Arm) is the Comau product dedicated to collaborative robotics.

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Applications for smartwatches and smartphones

The man-machine interaction becomes even simpler and more immediate through mobile and wearable devices that are used by operators to trace/ certify the work cycle and to exchange data with the central system (MES - Manifacturing Execution Systems) and with the other elements of the industrial automation process.

Tablet with augmented reality applications

To increase the efficiency of the working process, the operator can perform real-time predictive maintenance operations using a tablet. Thanks to an augmented reality app framing the fluidic framework of the working cell, the operator can obtain simple, intuitive instructions for the technical control of the machine and its components without having to consult dedicated manuals.

Process data analysis

To optimize the cell workflow and its productivity, the operator can use the IoT Box Comau, an intuitive and immediate tool for the digital monitoring of each unit’s cycle data and, potentially, of the whole production process.

Mobile platforms

Autonomous, modular, flexible, and network-based driving systems to facilitate logistics applications in production systems, supporting the operators' work, such as the new Comau AGV Agile1500 system.

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Automated modular systems

Modular working cells integrated with robotic solutions able to perform, in a full automated way, a large range of mechanical applications. Comau SmartRob is a modular system, equipped with an automatic tool changer, designed to handle multiple and flexible machining.

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New skills for a “new factory”

​In the fourth industrial revolution, companies require new technical and managerial skills. Consequently, the learning models with which the new 'digital employees' are formed are changing.
Thanks to the activities of its Academy, Comau develops the skills of professionals called to operate in the 'factory of the future' with a degree aimed to respond to the new ways of operating digital manufacturing.
The new Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation is realized by Comau Academy in partnership with the ESCP Europe Business School and in collaboration with a network of prestigious international universities; it addresses companies that need to train or develop, within their team, the skills necessary to design and manage solutions of industrial automation more innovatively to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.