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Comau won Compliance Excellence Award for its Energy Saving Management System in Brazil

  • Brazilian Award recognized companies committed to environmental and operational excellence
  • From a list of 10 categories, Comau won the award for “Energy”
  • Management system based on a software that collects and integrates inputs within a database with over 100.000 legal  requirements.

Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais, Brazil – The 4th Edition of the Compliance Brazil Award, hosted by a consulting group named Verde Ghaia, recognized companies from across industry sectors and sizes for its best practices related to Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management. More than 2.300 players were nominated for the award in 10 distinctive categories. Comau, member of the FCA Group, worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems won the award for "Energy".

Reduce environmental impacts, reuse and recycle materials and equipment, avoid waste, use energy more efficiently across its value chain. These are some of the challenges accepted by Comau to make manufacturing and operations more eco-efficient. Every policy adopted in the fields of Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy expresses key values of Comau's corporate philosophy over all company activities.

To reinforce its commitment to Quality and Sustainability System and have all necessary resources to comply with local and national regulations Comau is also supported by specific consulting companies. Verde Ghaia, as an example, is the provider of an online software for Integrated Management – soGi (Software Online de Gestão Integrada). Through this platform, Comau monitors and tracks parameters from its operational buildings and integrates inputs within a database with over 100.000 requirements. It's possible to organize and manage internal documents, processes with suppliers, audits, and many other actions. In practice, this tool has been helping Comau to better manage operational processes, reduce risks and structural costs.

At Comau plants in Brazil, over 2.000 fluorescent lamps were replaced with LED tubes, presence sensors and sectorial switches were also implemented in both São Paulo and Minas Gerais facilities. Together these actions improved energy performance by 50%.

"We are feeling proud of this recognition. It means Comau is able to consolidate efforts from all areas of the company to pursue the continuous improvement of our energy performance targets benefiting the environment, our customers, and Comau itself. It encourages us to keep thinking and acting more eco-efficiently, and also means we follow committed to Environment, Energy and Quality Policies," said Laerte Scarpitta, Comau LATAM President & COO. "We are positive that Comau will keep stablishing and maintaining Energy Management Systems and strengthening employee's environmental awareness."

In a ceremony held at the convention center of SICEPOT in Minas Gerais, the Compliance Brazil Award 2019 also recognized key players in other categories, such as BH-Airport, Coca-Cola, Marelli, Monsanto, Nestlé and Renault. They won in 'Environment', 'Safety&Health', 'Quality' and 'Integrated Management'. "Being able to follow all legal applications of the Management System is not an easy task to be accomplished, once there are thousands of specific and local requirements to be attended in Brazil. That's why Compliance should be considered a strategic topic in business activities, especially if we consider the latest incidents that have impacted the world socially and environmentally" said Deivison Pedriza, President of Verde Ghaia Group – Award founder.

'Challenge & learn', and 'Act as a network' are two corporate values that meet Comau's Environmental Protection and Conservation Policy by the latest international standards, such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001 e OHSAS 18001.  Comau is fully aware of the worldwide need for greater environmental sustainability and the continuous improvement of Energy performance, in alignment with the values and policies of the FCA group. In Brazil, throughout an Internal Communication program named Pense Sustentável (Think Sustainability) Comau also promotes the starring role of the employee's contribution on energy efficiency matters, such as energy and water consumption, use of paper and printers, elevators, cleaning, personal care, health and safety.



Learn more about Comau's Quality and Sustainability System at:

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