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Comau has attended the 8th International Automotive Industry 4.0 Summit in China

December 5, 2019, Shanghai

From December 5 to 6, Comau has attended the 8th International Automotive Industry 4.0 Summit (referred as "Summit") with its innovative industrial digitalization solutions and Yan Tingfang, Comau China Head of Digital Initiative Platform introduced Comau digitalization platform in.Grid at the Summit. The Summit is one of the most important events in automotive industry and more than 800 OEMs and end users have attended and more than 30 eminent speakers have delivered the key-note speech at the Summit.

Committed to the belief that innovation drives the industry toward excellence, Comau has transformed its approach by making automation easier, more accessible, highly intuitive and fully interconnected.

At the Summit, Yan Tingfang shared with the audience Comau innovative technologies and philosophies in industry automation and smart manufacturing.

In.Grid is the Comau platform that allows you to shape Industry 4.0 in line with the smart factory concept. It creates a powerful network for the exchange and acquisition of data that interconnects Comau and non-Comau machinery in order to acquire performance and process data in the most useful and accurate way possible. The data is then displayed and made available through a simple, interactive interface. In.Grid platform mainly includes IoT system and MES system. In.Grid IoT (Internet of Things) collects real-time information of machines and their subcomponents to monitor their health and reduce maintenance costs through advanced algorithm enabling predictive maintenance, which is advanced data analytics and telemetry platform. In.Grid MES (Manufacturing Execution System) collects the full range of production data in real-time, from raw material acceptance to finished product shipment, which can realize production planning, optimization and scheduling algorithmic engine process and data traceability. The two systems can greatly help customers to monitor manufacturing, reduce the cost for logistic, maintenance and human resource, shorten the time to market and leverage the power of Industry 4.0 in a cost-effective and highly efficient manner.

At the Summit, Comau also showcased Comau advanced prototypes in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) field.  . VR can virtualize any production line by PLC information collection to monitor the line in real time, quickly verify production parameters, streamline predictive maintenance, thus reducing or eliminating downtime. By taking advantage also of its know-how in the digital field, Comau presented the audience with Comau Innovative Mechanical Reconfigurable Pallets and Comau Smart Laser Welding Station.

At the Summit, Comau also discussed with the specialists and professionals from automotive industry about the digital trends and technologies for the automotive industry. Comau firmly believes that digital manufacturing can bring more opportunities for automotive.

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