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Comau won the Project Management Best Practice Company Award

On September 29, Comau was invited to attend the 20 Years' Development of Project Management in China Award Ceremony and received the Project Management Best Practice Company Award. The Ceremony was jointly hosted by the China International Talent Exchange Foundation and Project Management Association (China) with the aim to reward companies of all industries that make great contributions to project management. Altogether more than 50 companies were selected by the association specialist panel for the awards application, including companies from the automotive industry like Geely and Schaeffler, and companies from other industries such as Alibaba, Huawei, and Jingdong, etc.

At the end of June, the specialist panel came to Comau to conduct an inspection and review for the Project Management Best Practice Company Award; the meeting was successfully held by the Comau Project Management Office and the cooperation of cross-functions. Comau submitted its award application in September. After several rounds of review and evaluation, Comau won the Project Management Best Practice Award became the only foreign company to win the achievement.

The Project Management Best Practice Award is high recognition for Comau and has laid a solid foundation for Comau's future development in China.

Comau leads project management within the industry, applying the project management philosophies, tools, and methods in real production.

Comau advanced project management philosophies:

  • Project-driven: Because of the complexity and variances of the international environment and the various needs from the customers, Comau has carried out an effective management method to the coordination, management, and monitoring of projects. Project management is not only an applicable operation model, but also is important to the cross-country, cross-area and cross-function communications. Project management is one of the core competencies and is widely recognized internally and externally.
  • Risk management: Comau is fully conscious that risk forms an integral part of the daily challenges in the governance of its business. Mismanaged or, even worse, un-identified threats can destroy value. Effective risk management creates opportunities and competitive advantages for Comau and significantly contributes to building the trust of our customers and business partners.
  • Value-added: Project management is not only an internal need. It means added value for our customers as well. Success is the objective of our projects and it translates to success for customers that rely on Comau to achieve their business strategies.
  • Flexible process management: The process of project management in Comau is tailored for the complexity and scale of the project in order to increase flexibility which make the process more adoptable for the projects.
  • Multicultural cooperation: Within Comau, the majority of our projects are multi-country. They are places in which culturally different needs meet and integrating these is a critical success factor. This is why Comau project managers are expected to be multicultural agents able to proactively support the building of intercultural teams and lead intercultural projects. To address this need, Comau has developed a specific PM Multicultural Program to facilitate the collaboration between teams composed of people of different nationalities.

In order to improve the competencies for the company, Comau has developed within its Academy a specific focus about Project Management. The Comau Project Management Academy (Comau PM Academy) uses classes, knowledge sharing, and cooperation with other institutions to provide professional development training for companies and individuals all over the world. The Comau PM Academy is a certified REP® - global Registered Education Provider - and is officially recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) ®, which is the world's largest international professional project management association. All courses are internally developed and delivered by Comau project management professionals. This allows us to mix field-proven experience with complex projects (pragmatic approach) and internationally recognized project management practices (theoretical approach).

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