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Comau attended Italian Design Icons Exhibition in China

November 18, 2019, Shanghai

From November 15 - 17, Comau attended the Italian Design Icons Exhibition (referred to as "IDI") and shared its strength in automation products and system solutions with the audience. IDI, with the theme of "Innovative Design, the City of the Future" this year, is an incomparable occasion to share the Italian excellence and uniqueness.

On November 16, Mauro Anselmetto, Comau China & ASEAN CEO, and Kai Wei, Comau China Head of Robotics and Automation Products, delivered the key-note speeches. Mauro Anselmetto introduced Comau China and highlighted new trends in the industry. Comau provides products and integrated solutions for industrial systems and innovative sustainable production lines for various industrial sectors. HUMANufacturing is an important automation manufacturing concept that Comau used to define its own original approach to Industry 4.0, where man is at the center of the manufacturing process and collaborates with robots and other industrial machines efficiently and safely. Mauro Anselmetto stated that electrification, digital transformation and wearable robotics are the new trends for future development. He also discussed Comau Academy which Comau operates, sharing its more than 40 years' experience in the manufacturing world. Comau hopes to assist companies on their paths toward Industry 4.0.

At IDI, Comau showcased the e.DO educational robot and Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton MATE. Both products have an innovative, attractive Italian design developed within a context that recognizes the importance of product design not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functionality and ease of use.

e.DO is a modular, multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence designed to make learning, creating, exploring, and programming fun and more interactive. Featuring the same innovative, easy-to-use engineering that characterizes Comau's award-winning industrial robots, e.DO meets the needs of very different worlds: teachers, students, makers, enthusiasts, schools, universities, event-organizers, and community centers. And this is just the start of what e.DO can DO.

Exoskeleton MATE is a lightweight, passive exoskeleton designed for workers. MATE can properly reproduce shoulder movement with joint axes parallel to user's shoulder axes, providing effective gesture support and stable movement assistance to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks.

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