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Comau & Partner Dnc Automation jointly Held Tech Day in Malaysia


October 14, 2019, Kuala Lumpur

On October 14, 2019, Comau, alongside its Malaysian robotics distributor DNC Automation, held a Tech Day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, showcasing Comau innovations and industry cutting-edge applications in robots and automation products. About 80 guests from the automotive, chemical and food & beverage industries attended.

As the distributor of for Comau Robotics and Automation Products in Malaysia, DNC Automation has vast experience in the automation market of Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. They have worked jointly with Comau in many industries such as automotive, food & beverage and chemical. 
During the Tech Day, Giorgio Xiao, Comau APAC Partner Manager, and Ng Yak Yong, Managing Director of DNC Automation, delivered speeches introducing the companies and their respective products.

Giorgio Xiao spoke about how Comau can help customers reduce production costs and improve product quality and  production efficiency through automation; additionally, he shared Comau robot application cases in  spot welding, arc welding, palletizing, packaging, and bending. He also introduced Comau products: the educational robot e.DO, MATE exoskeleton, collaborative robot AURA, and the Agile1500 autonomous mobile robot. Comau and DNC Automation also discussed potential projects and project analysis.

Through the introduction of a robotics application unit onsite, Comau and DNC Automation exhibited how they cooperate together to complete system integration projects help customers with high quality manufacturing efficiency. 

Through the win-win cooperation with DNC Automation, Comau products, applications, and philosophy in automation have won wide spread recognition in Southeast Asia. Through face to face communication with guests at this Tech Day, Comau better understands customers' needs in the region. Comau has cooperated with partners in China and Southeast Asia for many years and has made great achievement in customer exploration and brand publicity. Comau welcomes more system integrators to join its partner network!

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