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Comau attended the 3rd Comac international science and technology innovation week in China

September 9, 2019, Shanghai

From September 2-6, Comau attended the 3rd COMAC International Science & Technology Innovation Week, showcasing its innovative robots and automation products.

COMAC International Science & Technology Innovation Week was jointly organized by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) and top-ranking universities and institutions, aiming to exchange basic subjects, explore cutting-edge technologies, solve problems and promote cooperation in innovation.

Comau presented SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control. Leveraging Comau's wide range of robot arms and Siemens' smart solutions for handling and processing with robots, the companies have developed a dedicated portfolio for the full integration of Comau robotic arms into the Siemens SINUMERIK system. Through this technology, the SINUMERIK control can be used as a stand-alone robot controller without the need for external or embedded robot controllers. Applications including: additive manufacturing, tape laying, fiber placement, machining with robots, nondestructive testing and more can now be easily and cost-effectively deployed by companies of all sizes.

In addition to SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control, Comau showcased two of its other popular products: PickAPP and MATE.

Smartphone and tablet use is growing quickly in industry and becoming the best human-machine interface. In response to this, Comau has developed an app to perform pick & place manipulations on an Android tablet. Users can use PickAPP to control the motion of a robot conveniently and quickly through the intuitive graphical user interface. The PickAPP platform is easy to use; within only 15 minutes, users can quickly perform programming for pick & place applications. At the same time, one tablet can manage multiple controllers and, thus, only one device is needed to control robots.

MATE is a lightweight, passive, portable upper-limb exoskeleton launched and commercialized by Comau, developed in collaboration with ÖSSUR, an Icelandic leading non-invasive orthopedic company, and IUVO, a spin-off company of the Italian BioRobotics Institute specialized in wearable technologies. MATE can properly reproduce shoulder movement with joint axes parallel to user's shoulder axes, providing effective gesture support and stable movement assistance to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks. With its modular design, MATE can reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, especially for workers who are engaged in repetitive and labor-intensive jobs.

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