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50 Comau e.DO robots at the “Live Robotics. Think Pink” event dedicated to conversations about technology, innovation and future competencies in Rome

Turin, September 17th - Discovering robotics and STEM subjects with Comau's e.DO robot is an immersive training experience for women at the "Live Robotics. Think Pink" event.  Organized by Campus Party Italia, the event will be held on September 19 in the Rome EUR Auditorium della Tecnica, in partnership with Confindustria, Pearson, B-Iniziative, ELIS, Gellify, and SHL.

It's an afternoon dedicated to technological innovation powered by women. The initiative is aimed at an audience of 500 young people, mainly female students; they will be able to discuss the world of work, listen to the testimonies of professionals in the sector and Comau role models, as well as directly test their skills in the fields of coding and scientific disciplines.

The leading theme of the day will be an original technological challenge that sees 50 e.DO robots available to 500 participants. Divided into 50 teams, the participants will be called upon to try their hand at programming the small Comau robotic arm to experience how robotics can be a simple subject to learn and to put into practice, even without previous technical knowledge.

After a brief training session, each team, supported by a Comau mentor, will be given brief, simple instructions on how to handle e.DO with a tablet; the teams' goal will be to utilize e.DO to move small objects within the space, trying to find the most effective solution. The execution of the program carried out by each group will be viewed by a Comau jury and, at the end of the day, the best works will be awarded.

"We are strongly convinced that in a constantly changing professional world like today, the new generations, digital natives, will play a leading role" - says Donatella Pinto, Head of HR at Comau. "Our company believes in the importance of promoting the study of STEM subjects, and is committed to supporting young people of all ages in acquiring innovative skills, thanks to its long experience in the world of industrial automation. During the event, we chose an ambassador of excellence, e.DO - already a protagonist of a successful learning lab, which up to now has involved over 15 thousand children - to demonstrate this message. It is the first time that a training initiative has brought together 50 robots and hundreds of young people, especially girls, in the same place to discuss skills of the future and technological innovation. We hope that this opportunity will inspire new young talents, as well as show how the use of a robot can be intuitive, fascinating and funny."

Participation in the event "Live Robotics. Think Pink" is completely free. There are only 500 available seats with reservations required.

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