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Comau Educational Robot e.DOTM on CCTV-1 program “Machine VS. Human” Season 3

July 31 2019, Beijing

From July 27 to the end of September, China national program "Machine VS. Human" season 3 has been beginning to broadcast on CCTV-1. As the unique TV show focusing on smart manufacturing, the new season will present the cutting-edge technologies in the field of smart manufacturing for the audience in the form of the collaboration or the match between robots and humans.

In the 3rd season, Comau educational robots e.DOTM still are invited to act as the intelligent assistants for the "star group", which consists of Sa Beining, China famous host, Han Xue, China well-known actress and Mei Hong, the academician from China National Academy of Sciences. The 3 robots e.DOTM will be on the show for the whole season to witness the magnificent science event with the audience.

As a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems , Comau has been attending the show for 3 years: in the 1st season, Comau robots have challenged the famous NBA player Jeremy Lin in the 2nd season, Comau educational robots e.DOTM acted as the intelligent assistant . In the new season, 3 e.DOTM robots also play an important role because they need to make the final choice for the match between human and robot according to star group's voice instructions.

In the 1st episode for the new season, 3 Comau educational robots e.DOTM have attracted great attention from the audience. They have made various interesting and flexible gestures with the guests like hand-shaking, bowing and they also have danced from time to time, which has drawn great applause from the audience.

The friendly and harmonious cooperation between robot and human in the program perfectly manifests the "HUMANufacturing" concept. Comau defines HUMAN Manufacturing as its own original approach to Industry 4.0, where man is at the center of the manufacturing process and collaborates with robots and other industrial machines efficiently and safely. According to Comau's HUMANufacturing concept, people play a leading role within the Smart Factory alongside cutting-edge digital tools, enabling technologies and 'intelligent' industrial robotics within a networked production system.

Comau educational robot e.DOTM

e.DO is a modular, multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence designed to make learning, creating, exploring and programming fun and more interactive. Featuring the same innovative, easy-to-use engineering that characterizes Comau's award-winning industrial robots, e.DO meets the needs of very different worlds: from teachers and students to makers and enthusiasts, and from schools and universities to event-organizers and community centers. And this is just the start of what e.DO can DO.

Based on e.DO robot, e.DO ExperienceTM is an innovative educational platform for learners of all ages that facilitates a pragmatic approach in learning disciplines, strengthens cross-disciplinary competences, encourages involvement, cooperation and inclusion among participants, provides an unconventional and engaging learning journey, develops the ability to link disciplinary, learning to the world at large. Its interdisciplinary approach to learning favors cognitive, emotional and sensory experiences.

At 20:00 every Saturday since July 27, "Machine VS. Human" season 3 will be broadcasted on CCTV 1. Let's explore the world of smart manufacturing with Comau educational robot e.DOTM.

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