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Comau showcases its E-Mobility and digital solutions in China at 2019 AMTS Show

July 3, 2019, Shanghai

Comau is attending the biggest exhibition in automotive industry-the 15th Shanghai International Automation Manufacturing Technology & Material Show ( "AMTS 2019")  from July 3 to 6 (Hall W1-G16). During the show Comau showcases its most innovative products and solutions in the field of E-Mobility and digital manufacturing, together with the latest Comau products recently introduced to the Chinese market, such as MATE, the wearable robotics exoskeleton, and e.DO™, the educational robot.

In the field of E-Mobility, Comau combines standard, modular, scalable and flexible solutions to fully support the unique and evolving requirements of the E-Mobility sector. With its ability to cover the e-manufacturing process from batteries, drivelines and , dedicated machining centers to full body assembly, Comau is helping automotive companies move toward e-vehicle manufacturing and emerging companies enter the market by supporting them throughout the entire life cycle of the program from product design to launch in production.

In AMTS 2019, Comau Smart Laser Welding Station is a new-generation of E-Mobility system solution for battery laser welding with the standardized design. Smart LWS utilizes Comau PRO to generate codes automatically to control the welding process. The LWS uses Comau LHYTE hybrid laser source.

To face the challenges in E-Mobility revolution, Comau also showcases Comau Smart High Speed Conveyor for battery module, that has wide application in shell and pouch battery assembly. Comau SmartCube flexible carries out synchronous conveying system to load and unload materials with visual guiding robots with high precise and efficiency.

Comau Smart Press is also the eye-catching solution in AMTS 2019. Comau Smart Press, using compact and integrated designing and standardized c interface, can monitor the manufacturing process in time to guarantee the quality and productivity.

Excerpt for E-Mobility solutions, Comau also demonstrates its outstanding Digital Solutions, the digitalized platform Comau in.Grid MES & IoT. in.Grid MES collects the full range of production data in real-time, from raw material acceptance to finished product shipment. in.Grid IoT collects real-time information of machines and their subcomponents to monitor their health and reduce maintenance costs through advanced algorithm enabling predictive maintenance.

Comau brings the latest Augmented Reality Solution that can perform 2 simulation functions: Laser Welding Station Simulation and Reconfigurable pallet Simulation.  Also Comau showcases innovative robotics and automation products like MATE and educational robot e.DO in AMTS 2019.

As the global leader of industrial automation and system solutions, Comau will continue to enhance its strength in smart manufacturing technologies and innovative system solutions, advancing the digitalization development of automation industry in China.

More advanced products, more leading solutions and more valuable technology sharing are waiting for you in AMTS (Comau booth: Hall W1-G16).

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