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Comau joins system integrator to attend FISPAL – Brazilian’s largest food and beverage venue of 2019

June 25, 2019 – São Paulo – The 35th edition of the Brazilian International food and beverage fair is held from June 25 to 28. Alongside the system integrator – REDUTEP – at booth B182, Comau showcases a smart palletizing cell that integrates autonomous logistic with pneumatic gripping system and also it's wearable tech.

Fispal Tecnologia is the largest event for professionals working in factories of food and beverage industries or seeking to industrialize or processing food and beverages to sell them in retail and wholesale. To demonstrate palletizing and handling applications, Comau will showcase Smart PAL 180, its own 4-axis, 180 kg payload robot with a 3 meter reach.  Besides this version, the fast, robust Smart PAL family has two other robots available for the Brazilian market with payloads up to 260kg and 470kg. They guarantee efficiency and repeatability, even in high-speed operations.

At FISPAL, Comau will show important technological innovations:

  • Comau's is first wearable exoskeleton, M.A.T.E. (Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton) has been designed to improve work quality in an efficient and highly ergonomic manner by providing consistent and advanced movement assistance to the operator during repetitive, as well as daily tasks. It uses an advanced passive structure and delivers lightweight, breathable and highly effective postural support without the need for batteries, motors or other devices. MATE is compact and ergonomically designed thanks to the partnership between Comau, ÖSSUR (a leading non-invasive orthopedics company) and IUVO (a spin-off company of The BioRobotics Institute specialized in wearable technologies). MATE is the first available product of a series of wearable technologies being commercialized by Comau.
  • Agile1500 is Comau's first automated guided vehicle within the new AGV platform (Automated Guided Vehicle) to be deployed across industrial and logistical scenarios and represents a step forward to logistics 4.0. Modular, scalable and completely re-configurable, Agile1500 is a multipurpose vehicle that can carry up to 1,500 kg with a maximum speed of 1.7 m/s. Thanks to these characteristics, the AGV can significantly facilitate core operations including just-in-time and just-in-sequence production, as well as optimized logistic flows inside the factory, improved warehouse management and better overall production efficiency. It can increase overall plant safety thanks to advanced security features. The two laser scanners on the front and rear stops the AGV upon detection of an obstacle along its route ensuring efficient and safe navigation.

As the global leader in automation and production technology solutions, Comau is engaged in technology development and process implementation in the General Industry, with customized and digital-driven offer based on standard, cutting-edge automation products tailored to meet  specific manufacturing needs.

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