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Comau Presents the Artistic Project "Drawing Our Vision Together": People and Technology Together in the Factory of the Future

Turin, February 20, 2019 - Comau, global leader in the industrial automation sector, presents Drawing Our Vision Together to explain the true essence of the concept of HUMANufacturing through the people who work every day in contact with the most advanced technologies. It's a project featuring 12 artistic creations, inspired by the experiences shared by Comau employees from all over the world, made by artist and illustrator Giordano Poloni.

HUMANufacturing is the expression coined by Comau to define its own original vision of the factory of the future, responding to the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. To illustrate the concept of HUMANufacturing, Comau has given voices to those who are passionate about and dedicate themselves every day to the development of the company's technologies, processes and products. Twelve Comau employees, coming from some of the various countries where the company is based, spoke of their experiences and professional approaches through analyzing the past, the present and the future of automation. The result is an exciting, diverse storytelling that has allowed us to draw - together - the corporate vision (Drawing Our Vision Together), which is oriented towards an increasingly open, connected, simple to understand and use automation; this vision is realized thanks to the development of tools and technological innovations. In this context, the worker  always remains at the center of the production process, able to collaborate safely with robots, digital devices and other industrial machines within an integrated and connected system.

The artistic project Drawing Our Vision Together consists of a video showing the creative process of the artist and Comau's employees, which is already published on Comau's website and social channels,. Further video contributions will also be shared in the coming months on the company's Instagram channel. The digital version of the artwork designed by Poloni is also available online for download on the company's website.

Drawing Our Vision Together is an opportunity to discover something more about the company and the people who, with so much dedication and enthusiasm, are dedicated to building the future of human-made manufacturing.

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