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Comau China Again Wins “2018 Shanghai Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises” Award

Organized by the Shanghai Federation of Enterprises, the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association and the Shanghai Economic Association, the 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprise Award Ceremony was held on August 24th at the Jinjiang Auditorium in Shanghai. With excellent market performance and outstanding manufacturing strength, Comau (Shanghai) Engineering Co. Ltd. won the "2018 Shanghai Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises” Award, and was ranked eighty-eighth. This is the second time Comau has won this award.

Comau has more than 40 years of experience in the field of automation systems. Increasing R&D efforts, developing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, providing our customers with easy-to-use solutions, value-added manufacturing solutions and human-machine collaboration solutions is our way to industry 4.0. It’s our core value. In addition, Comau attaches great importance to the cooperation with university and research institutes. By enhancing its cooperation with universities and other scientific research institutions, Comau has transformed prominent scientific research and, at the same time, it can cultivate growing talents, thereby laying a solid foundation for further development.   

The second receipt of the "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises" award is affirmation of Comau's capacity for innovation and manufacturing strength. In the future, Comau will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and the spirit of excellence to create a digitalized intelligent future.

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