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Comau & Cuifeng jointly held 2018 robotics bending application technical seminar

On August 24, Comau and Guangdong Cuifeng Robotics Technology Company Ltd jointly held a robotics bending application technical seminar in Dongguan. More than 100 professionals and experts discussed the industrial trends and developments of bending technology. Mr. Kai Wei, Head of Comau China Robotics and Automation Products Business Unit, and Mr. Lin Xiaofeng, Technical Director of Cuifeng, delivered the opening speech to guests.

This seminar focused on the application of bending machines in sheet metal processing. The sheet metal industry has developed rapidly in China; more and more companies are adopting bending technology as it can help production automation to further reduce costs and improve efficiency. The market need for bending machines includes both increased quantities and improved quality, which means a broad market for bending machines. Comau held this seminar to discuss the upgraded and innovative development of bending technology with professionals hoping encounter challenges and share opportunities together.

In this seminar, Comau also showcased many products like the all-new exoskeleton MATE  and open-source, educational robot e.DO. 

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