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e.DO™ and the Comau Academy protagonists at the Meeting of Rimini

Comau in involved in the 2018 edition of the Rimini Meeting (August 19-25, at the Rimini Fiera) to take part in the debate on innovation and highlight the company's commitment to developing new skills.

On Monday, August 20, Ezio Fregnan - Comau Academy Director - will give a speech on the theme of open innovation. The main points at the center of his speech will be the various didactic projects of the Academy - Masters of different levels, laboratories with schools, Robotics License, and more - developed with a specific focus on the current digital transformation in partnership with prestigious universities and higher education institutions.

Fregnan says: "Comau believes in the importance of realizing open innovation, sharing ideas, skills and technical know-how, coming from different realities: companies, universities, new generations. This is why Comau created an Academy, making its experience available outside the company, especially at the service of young people. At the center of innovation, for Comau, they are the true leaders of the digital transformation now underway. People and, therefore, their skills, use technology to imagine and realize new scenarios. Comau has designed the e.DO educational robot to bring robotics outside the factory and into the schools, directly to the generations that are building the future." e.DO, a small modular, open-source robot, is the perfect synthesis of Fregnan's intervention.

Within the Rimini Meeting, e.DO is present in the Combo space; Combo is the educational laboratory of the Agnelli Foundation, a project created in collaboration with prestigious scientific and technological partners, including Comau. The successful lab is already at the Fondazione's headquarters in Turin, and involved as many as 3,000 students and about 250 teachers from all over Italy in its first months of activity (in the 2017-2018 school year). Also, in Rimini, e.DO will meet primary and secondary school students and put on demonstrations and innovative educational activities, with a view of approaching robotics and technology.

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