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General Industries

Business process and automation system management

No matter what you’re producing, there’s a pretty good chance automation can help you increase productivity and lower overall costs. Comau specializes in helping industries reap the benefits of automation in an intelligent and cost-effective manner.

  • Construction and Composites

    Bricks, concrete, iron, composite materials and more. You can count on Comau to deliver strong solutions for your building needs.

  • Consumer Goods

    Manufacturing precision and the reduction of waste and rework is a winning strategy for fast moving consumer goods. Let us help you make it a reality.

  • Die-Cast and Foundry

    We deliver the flexibility to produce different products at high speeds while maintaining high quality standards. Our customized solutions for extreme conditions mean increased productivity that often translates to a quicker return on investment.

  • Education and Entertainment

    Visual media tools continue to evolve, which is why it’s good that our automation solutions provide the flexibility to quickly adapt to new market scenarios and production requirements.

  • Electronics

    We deliver the precision to ensure higher quality, higher productivity and lower costs for operations that would be decidedly slower and less efficient if performed with other methods. Find out how we can boost your 3C, Display and Semiconductor manufacturing processes.

  • Energy

    Field-proven automation technology that provides the level of flexibility the energy industry requires, and the high-performance Comau is known for.

  • Food and Beverage

    From the picking of the products to the packs that will contain them, we can automate the entire production process for pasta, bottles, bakery products, coffee, canning, unpackaged.

  • Glass

    When it comes to the manipulation of glass, our robots can handle even the largest plates while ensuring optimized process speeds and safety.

  • Handling and Logistics

    Automation to help you streamline your handing and logistics at any stage in the process.

  • Health and Beauty

    Whether you’re producing pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, we can help automate your process for greater precision, productivity and peace of mind.

  • Paper

    If space is tight and speed is important, our articulated robots can handle things that a Cartesian robot can’t. Let our expertise drive your high volume production.

  • Press Shop

    Our advanced technology ensures coordinated action, high performance and complete synchronicity for press-to-press cycle perfection.

  • Research & Development

    In the world of R&D, robotic and automated technologies can help your development efforts and help you win the race against time. Let us show you how.

  • Wood

    Not surprisingly, our industrial excellence can significantly improve your manufacturing process. Put us to the test.

  • And More

    Just because you didn’t see your industry, doesn’t mean we’re not already there. Talk to one of our specialists to learn how we’re helping automate businesses just like yours.