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The art of HUMANufacturing

Creativity, innovation and art lead an innovative communication project, which launches Comau’s Instagram channel

Following an original path and enhancing creativity is a daily commitment for Comau and, above all, a passion. It is the best way to express our mission, which is to offer innovative, easy-to-use and high value added products and solutions. Helping to create and spread, at the same time, a true culture of automation.

These elements are also the motive behind "The Art of HUMANufacturing", a communication project designed to express in an unconventional way the concept of HUMANufacturing (a term with which Comau expresses its own path to Industry 4.0) through visual art. The most imaginative works, the ideas that inspired them, and the more personal contributions of the artists themselves are at the center of the storytelling campaign that animates and colors, through a multimedia mix, the Comau Instagram page. It is thanks to this project that the new company social channel debuts online.

"The Art of HUMANufacturing" comes from the collaboration between Comau and some of the talented students from the European Institute of Design - IED. The designers used their creativity to represent the concept of HUMANufacturing, each one following their own inspiration and using different graphic modes. Furthermore, during the end of year festivities, the artistic creations of IED students have become the concept of the 2018 calendar, greeting cards and other communication materials made by the company.

Follow the innovative spirit of "The Art of HUMANufacturing" on Instagram and start sharing the Comau stories! You can also download the image you prefer, signed by its artist, to personalize your computer desktop.

Follow “The Art of #HUMANufacturing” today!


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