Lhyte: Hybrid Laser Source for Welding, Cutting and Brazing

The stand-alone laser source solution that can handle any laser application

​Laser welding, brazing and cutting have never been easier, thanks to this new hybrid laser solution. With a compact, modular structure that combines fiber and/or diode laser sources for increased flexibility, precision and speed, LHYTE helps you maximize throughput and meet production targets with a single, easy-to-use system.


  • A single solution for every laser application –  remote welding, cutting, welding, brazing
  • Modular solution available in three different versions – hybrid, fiber, diode
  • Unique, patented optical chain architecture
  • Improved backup strategy for increased reliability
  • Integrated Chiller
  • Stylistic design with reduced footprint
  • Simplified spares management

Technical Specifications

​Fiber Laser ​Diode Laser
Max. output power:​4000 W​6000 W
​Beam quality(BPP):​4 mm * mrad​60 mm * mrad
Optical fiber min.:​100 µm, NA 0.22​600 µm, NA 0.22
​Wave length range:​920nm – 1070 nm​920nm – 1070 nm

Our patented laser technology ensures optimal productivity when dealing with complex or three-dimensional objects and increased weld resistance, allowing you to maximize cycle times and quality standards.