Comau XMini

XMini Robot: Flexible Robotic Solutions

Robot-like flexibility meets machine tool stiffness and accuracy

​Comau innovation puts the power of high-speed robotic machining in your hands with its new XMini carbon-fiber Machine Tool Robot. Strong enough to drill holes in aluminum, titanium and composite materials, XMini performs dry machining at a rate of 90 meter/minute with a 3g acceleration, thus reducing cycle times by up to 50% compared to standard machine tools.

XMini is the first robotized machine tool designed for high-speed, burr free, dry machining of large metal frames and structural components. With its modular and reconfigurable design, XMini can be  easily integrated into existing automation lines, helping lower operational costs and protect CAPEX. Its 5-micron repeatability also grants optimal quality, productivity and Overall Equipment Efficiency. And because XMini was designed to handle bulky and complex parts, including battery boxes and components, it’s the perfect solution for the automotive, aerospace, energy and electrification markets.rated in just a few hours.


  • Single setup, 6-side burr free dry machining
  • Speeds reaching up to 3g acceleration
  • Robot-like flexibility with high stiffness and accuracy 
  • Designed for large, complex metal parts and components
  • Unique, patented carbon fiber modular architecture is fully mobile
  • 50% cycle time reduction during mass production
  • Automatic loading, automatic calibration and fast, easy maintenance
  • Available in two versions: single or dual spindle


  • High-speed performance up to 90 meter/min with 3g acceleration 
  • Increases productivity by up to 50% while providing 5-micron repeatability 
  • Accurately performs compound-angle operations of complex parts, reaching sites that would be inaccessible with a standard machine tool
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to maintain
  • Lightweight 4-part modular structure ensures fast equipment changes and improves Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Perfect for manufacturing battery cases, complex parts, lightweight frame structures and chassis components

XMini Key technical data

Siemens NX CADCAMPart programming
Auto CalibrationXCAL automatic 5-Axis calibration
In-Line CMMXAutoCMM in-line CMM & Adjustment
Repeatability<5 μm
Max speed X/Y/Z [m/min]90 / 90 / 30
Max Acceleration X/Y/Z [m/s2]30 / 30 / 10
Max work envelope [mm]Diameter 3,000 – Height 1,000
Module weight [kg]300
Control systemSiemens 840D
SpindleHSK 40 – 20,000 rpm
MRR*-167° / +74° (110° / s)


  • Lightweight and composite material machining
  • Large and complex frame structures
  • Structural parts and aluminum chassis components
  • Battery case machining
  • Reconfigurable production scenarios