Modular Intralogistics Organizer

Tailored Solution for Logistics 4.0

M.I.O. Modularity answers to the request of readiness for reconfigurability of the modern lines, resulting in intralogistics cost optimization. The smart, highly-versatile and tailored solution for logistics is easily applicable within the entire material flow, from warehouse to line side, in a wide variety of industrial segments.

M.I.O. is simple, intelligent and connected. Its vertical architecture contributes to optimize factory space, due to the higher density exploitation with respect to traditional systems. The consequence is  logistic and line area reduction combined with improvement in inventory and operational efficiency. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with AGILE1500, MATE, AURA and the other Comau products designed for advanced logistics and manufacturing applications.

M.I.O. is an optimum solution for the execution of the in-line manual assembly operations for all production volumes without a high level of customization. Moreover, it can also be used in applications ranging from prototyping lines and back-up to repair and intermediate loading stations. And thanks to the full compliancy with Industry 4.0 and IIoT, it represents a major step forward in the integration between processes and logistics.

Key Features

  • Stock Positions: 8
  • Max. container dimensions: L400 x W600 x H147 mm
  • Max. payload per cabinet: 20 kg (box included)
  • Cabinet rotation time: 7 sec (1 step)
  • Reading system: Encoder + Data matrix reader for cabinet identification
  • Safety system with optical barriers

Key Benefits

  • WCM compliant: it rationalizes and optimizes logistic flows
  • Less space required than with traditional supply systems
  • Smaller footprint and optimization of factory layout thanks to vertical structure
  • Logistics costs reduced
  • Optimization of logistic operations
  • Versatile: adaptable to any type of in-line processing
  • Flexible: it optimizes the management of any production volume
  • Easily programmable
  • Plug-in system for fast and intuitive reconfiguration