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Young Talents

Project & People Management School

The best way to strengthen personal effectiveness

Today’s global companies are constantly looking for professionals who possess both the technical skills and the aptitude to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Comau’s People and Project Management (PPM) School will teach you the leadership capabilities needed to successfully manage international and multicultural work groups. We can help you acquire competences and learn from project managers who manage complex, international projects on a daily basis.

Specifically designed for young managers and talented university students, the People Management Academy encourages you to adopt proven methodologies and tools used in a multinational company.


The training path is divided into two modules

Project Management

Focused on the main methodologies and tools needed to effectively manage a project. In this way, students will be able to experience, first-hand, the solutions used by companies to run their business projects, to live alongside and regularly interact with the best project managers, to put themselves to the test by developing and managing a project which will be presented to the management team.

People Management

Focused on the main methodologies and tools needed to guide people towards business results. After the first section, dedicated to the improvement of personal effectiveness, this module focuses on people management skills. Students will become familiar with the methods and tools used by the companies to manage human resources. They will live alongside the best managers and put themselves to the test by managing an initiative directed at the company’s personnel.

Four Fundamental Phases

The Project and People Management training courses are particularly innovative because they are not limited to lectures like most university courses. Instead, they aim to leverage natural learning situations which are typical for a young student.



Module 1: PROJECT MANAGEMENT [4 days]

  • 1To develop awareness regarding the peculiarities of the project manager’s role in a project based company
  • 2To facilitate the acquisition of practical project management tools, useful for the monitoring and management of a successful project

Module 2: PEOPLE MANAGEMENT [3 days]

  • 1To promote the identification and development of the key elements of personal effectiveness which are required by global organizations
  • 2To develop awareness of the peculiarities which characterize the role of the manager with particular attention to People Management
  • 3To facilitate the acquisition of practical people management tools, useful to guide individuals and teams towards the achievement of business results
  • 4To increase awareness of the importance of corporate values and to encourage experimentation with real situations involving individual, corporate and social responsibility

Conclusion: EVALUATION [1 day]

  • 1To stimulate the development and implementation of an improvement plan, able to improve your personal effectiveness

One International Location - One Enrollment Period

The PPM School is held once a year in each location with a limited number of places available. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this exciting international environment.

Comau Academy offers leading-edge formative possibilities for university students, and puts them in direct contact with the methodologies used by one of the most advanced industrial automation companies in the world.