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e.DO Lab

Educational laboratories

e.DO Lab uses a variety of teaching tools and techniques in the context of digital transformation and is designed to support teachers deploy innovative educational methods within the classroom. Using didApp microlearning modules, which are supported on a web platform, teachers can autonomously offer educational laboratories for robotics at their school or institution.

Created for primary, first and second grades of secondary schools, the activities-based program aims to capture attention and motivate learning via a hands-on interactive approach. Participating schools are provided with e.DO robots, Virtual e.DO and a library of didApps, each of which provides 2 hours of activities, to support professors while teaching mathematics, robotics, coding and other subjects. Furthermore, the web-based didApp learning modules include everything needed to successfully deploy and conduct an e.DO collaborative learning experience.

The e.DO Lab is available in different configurations to accommodate different schools and different needs. The full package includes up to 5 e.DO robots complete with a measuring  gripper and pen holder, didApp software and the learning materials kit. Schools can also choose to reduce the number of e.DO robots by adding virtual e.DO stations, or by implementing an entirely virtual e.DO experience.

Simply put, e.DO Lab is designed to reinforce transversal skills that are fundamental for professional growth, while helping teachers and students contextualize disciplinary learning via a hands-on, real-time experience that encourages participation, cooperation and engagement.