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Our engagement

Initiatives for Our Employees, Social Actions and to Support Local Communities

​Comau believesthat people make a difference and that commitment and motivation are key factors in achieving our objectives. This is why we invest in programs aimed at protecting the health and mental well-being of our employees and their families, from on-site psychological support and social assistance, to many other initiatives.

Our employees have a fundamental value, so we invest in their professional development through a process of constant training, with classroom and online sessions.
Similarly, we devote resources to social projects, and actively support the local communities that we are part of.

Calls for Ideas: We invest in the ideas of our employees with enthusiasm, encouraging them to actively contribute to the success of the company.

Training and Evaluation Process for Performance and Leadership Management (PLM): We facilitate knowledge sharing and activate multiple training initiatives. We also promote meritocracy through the PLM system, which enables us to evaluate our employees and guide them towardstheir results by defining specific objectives.

Respect for Diversity: In accordance with our corporate culture, diversity is an asset. For this reason, we promote a multicultural working environment that respects differences and promotes equal opportunities to succeed.

Safety in the Workplace: Safety is always our top priority. We promote the adoption of safe behavior and ensure a healthy working environment. In accordance with the highest standards of safety and ergonomics in the workplace, we are OHSAS 18001 certified, and are heading towards our Objective: Zero Accidents.

Open Day: Comau regularly opens its doors to our employees’ families, sharing presentations of the
company with dedicated activities, and celebrating the importance of their support

Talent Day: In October 2015, we endorsed an important initiative of the HRC Academy by offering an educational and informational workshop to the children of our employees aged 18 – 30 years old, aimed at providing tools and information to help them step into the work world with greater awareness.

Newsletter: EHS is our quarterly publication featuring useful information on the environment, ecology and recycling, safety at work, wellness, anti-smoking initiatives and support for a healthy diet.

A Meal Together: Comau’s support of social initiatives often includes the participation of our employees. This is why we organize activities such as serving meals at the Caritas soup kitchen in Turin, a successful display of solidarity in which we receive much more than we give.

M’illumino di Meno: Every year we participate in this important energy-saving celebration with initiatives inside the company aimed at encouraging our employees to adopt a more informed use of energy.

We believe that respect for othersis the basis of respect for the environment, and that sustainability is strictly connected to social and cultural progress.