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Our Commitment

We make automation that changes the world,
not the environment

Our responsibility to make our work sustainable touches every part of our company.
It’s a commitment we take very seriously.

Our Commitment to Success Doesn’t Compromise Our Values

​Creating superior products and services for our Customers while growing our global network to be closer to our extended client base moves in sync with principles that care for the environment. In this way, we fully respect the ethical and environmental values that help drive our company.

At Comau, we measure our success by how well it helps create an intelligently managed
industry that is focused on the future. This is why we’re continually inventing ways to decrease our ecological footprint while driving innovation at the same time. This goal shapes our engineering solutions so that they are as efficient as they are eco-friendly.

Tangible Results

​By reducing overall energy consumption, these same solutions help save money as well. And we’re proud to say that pursuing this goal has led Comau to become the first Italian company to adopt the International System of Energy Management (EnMS) and receive UNI 16001 and ISO 50001 certifications.

We see our sustainable production practices as a win-win way of making a better world: efficient energy use means cutting fuel costs by up to 30%, and using less fuel means reducing C02 emissions. Here at Comau, we’re committed to making a brighter future, both for our environment and our industry.

Simply put, it’s the Comau way of responsible design and production.

Focused Energy Management Strategies

​In order to effectively coordinate our Energy Management Strategy (EMS), we introduced the role of Energy Manager directly within our organizational structure. Our ISO 14001 certification is additional proof of Comau’s steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability.

We are also focused on ensuring sustainable mobility. Our Mobility Manager is tasked with optimizing business costs for travel and upholding the sustainable mobility policies adopted by the Territory.

Moreover, pursuant to the policy of FCA, our parent company, we apply World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies throughout the global organization.