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Safety and Environment

Workplace environmental and safety management system

Consulting, engineering and execution of services to meet the safety standards for your labor force and the environment.

How much does an accident cost? What is your role in preserving the environment? What is the impact of an accident or environmental damage caused by your company?

These are some of the questions and concerns that motivate the generation of regulatory standards developed to establish the criteria, requirements and approach to corporate responsibility towards employees and the environment.

Many Challenges, One Partner

To help you confront these challenges, Comau offers services that satisfy the requirements of regulatory norms in the form of consulting, engineering and implementation.  This is done through specialized partnerships that operate from the analysis to the compliance of machinery and equipment.

  • Adjustments to the requirements for an environmental management system that is compatible with regulatory standards and preparation for ISO 14001.
  • NR10 – Adjustments to safety norms in electrical installations and services.
  • NR12 – Adjustments to labor safety norms at the work place and related to machinery and equipment.
  • NR13 – Adjustments to safety norms related to vapor furnaces and pressure pods.
  • NR33 – Adjustments to safety and health norms related to confined spaces.