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Comau’s showcases its products and solutions for logistics 4.0 at MecSpe 2019

Parma, March 28, 2019 - Comau will take part once again in MecSpe 2019 (Parma, March 28-30), the reference fair for the manufacturing industry in Italy. On this occasion, the guests will be involved in a real "HUMANufacturing Tech" experience and will have the chance to get to know some of the most advanced technologies designed by Comau for Factory 4.0.

The new wearable exoskeleton, MATE (Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton), will be officially displayed for the first time in Italy at Stand N55, in the Motek Section of Pavillion 5, which is dedicated to factory handling, assembly and automation. MATE was designed to improve work quality in an efficient and highly ergonomic way, providing constant and advanced assistance and facilitating the operators' arm movements needed for repetitive operations carried out during work shifts. The MATE exoskeleton is based on an advanced passive structure that ensures lightweight, breathable and extremely effective postural support without the need to use batteries or electric equipment.

Comau will also launch its new lithium-battery-powered version of AGILE1500, the self-driving vehicle, which will be set up inside an automatic warehouse supplied by a palletizing robot. The new lithium batteries allow the partial recharge of the vehicle during the work cycle, allowing the AGV to work non-stop for three work shifts. AGILE1500 was designed to work safely near the operators while using the "natural" navigation technology to connect the various stations of the production cycle, ensuring maximum flexibility and autonomy.

In the cell which will be installed at Comau's stand in collaboration with its partner Siscodata, material handling will be showcased using a PAL-180-3.1 robot connected to the new lithium-battery-powered AGILE1500 with a payload up to 1500 Kg on Euro pallets, together with a customized pallet lifting and storage unit produced by Siscodata. In the same application, there will be a demonstration of the functionality of the new MATE exoskeleton inside an industrial environment, as it will be worn by an operator together with two special accessories produced by Siscodata, Back saver and ID Glove. The required task will be the picking of components from a warehouse and their subsequent automated palletizing and depalletizing, which may be associated with the distribution of plastic boxes with components to be assembled at the various stations and work areas by means of an AGILE1500 robot. There will also be a robotic assembly cell implemented by Comau's partner Olivero Srl, where two Racer articulated robots are provided by an AGILE1500 with the components to be assembled and later sent to M.I.O. (Modular Intralogistics Organizer), a highly-versatile IIoT-compliant logistics module developed to meet the complex and ever-changing production needs of Industry 4.0.

With its presence at MecSpe 2019, Comau reiterates its ability to respond to all automation needs, with particular focus on the General Industry and highly-advanced Logistics.

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