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Twin-Control, Comau’s First Digital Twin Project in Machining Sector, Successfully Reaches Its Ambitious Goals

 Comau Powertrain Machining is proud to have been part of the Twin-Control project, partially funded through the European Horizon2020 program. Eleven European partners, including research centers, industrial and technological companies, have taken part in the challenge, of which Comau Machining was actively involved as a knowledge provider and industrial processes expert. (video)

Twin-Control was created to develop a digital twin (a new machine simulation tool) unifying different concepts affecting machining processes, combining advanced simulation models and including vital aspects of today's industry, such as maintenance and energy efficiency. Results were validated in two key industries: automotive and aerospace. Some of the most relevant project results include a local monitoring and control system, fleet management platform for machine tools and machine tool digital twin technology.

The final outcome of the multi-disciplinary team was:

  • Machine tool and process design set up time and cost reduction (-10%)

  • Energy consumption reduction (-60%)

  • Operation and maintenance cost reduction (-25%)

Comau, as an industrial partner and machine tool builder, participated also in the edition of the Twin-Control Book.

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