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Comau presents AURA at 8th Robotics Kongress in Hannover, Germany

At today's 8th Robotics Kongress in Hannover, Germany, Comau presented its collaborative robot AURA. The annual congress features the latest innovations in the field of robotics and, this year, is dedicated to collaborative robotic solutions. Comau proudly presented its 170 kg payload robot to the expert audience who gathered in the "Robotation Academy" in Hannover to explore the possibilities of collaborative robotics.  

Comau's AURA (Advanced Use Robotic Arm) has the highest payload and reach in the market, while at the same time being safe and sensitive, almost like a human being. The robot is equipped with sensors installed under a layer of protective foam to ensure total safety. These sensors allow the robot to combine the simultaneous perception of a person's proximity – or of any other component of automation – as well as the person's contact.

Learn more about Comau's AURA at

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