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e.DO™ Educational Robot showcased International Technology Fair in Shanghai

To promote technological innovation, meet the need for the technologies supply and demand and build the services ecosystem, International Technology Fair (CSITF) was host in Shanghai, December 6. CSITF is the international fair designed for the technologies trade, which can provide the platform of the most advanced technologies for the attendees and can help the attendees to develop the potential market and find their future partners. Mr. Giorgio Xiao, Partner Manager China & ASEAN from Robotics & Automation Products of Comau China attended this fair as invited and introduced Comau advanced educational robot e.DO and its detailed applications.

e.DO, unlike the traditional industrial robots that Comau developed in the past, is the educational robot with 6 axis customizing for the need of education. It not only retains the structure of industrial robots but also obtains many patents home and abroad for educational robots Moreover, based on the open ROS system, e.DO educational robots empower users’ imagination so the users can build and design his or her own robots and share their experience and code in the community. Besides, e.DO can be integrated into the classroom and help students to integrate and consolidate their knowledge and abilities in the core technology disciplines like robotics, STEM (Science, Technology,  Engineer, Mathematics)  and so on. It also can activate the students’ innovation and practicality and enhance the class engagement to achieve edutainment. Through the introduction in the fair, the audience had a clearer understanding for e.DO educational robot and many had showed great interest for e.DO because of its powerful functions.

With simple fashionable design, powerful optimized functions and adjustable configuration, e.DO educational robot has caught great attention in CSITF. Through this fair, Comau hopes to furtherly develop the potential market for educational robots  and develop the industry of educational robots fast and sustainably.

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