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Comau invited to the European Chamber’s Second Artificial Intelligence Conference

At the European Chamber’s second edition of its annual Artificial Intelligence Conference on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, an array of speakers from academia and industry will discuss current trends in the application of AI in autonomous driving and flying, facial recognition, virtual private assistants, as well as recent breakthroughs in research related to AI and machine learning. Wallace Bie, Comau APAC Head of Marketing, will participate in the round table discussion.

At the conference, Wallace Bie will interpret the “New Generation of AI Development Plan” from two dimensions of AI - strategic targets and key development tasks. He will discuss how intelligent robotics is one the core focuses of AI emerging industries and elaborate on the new role of robotics in AI development and the basic theory involved in the field.

The innovative combination of AI and education is bound to be extremely successful. Wallace Bie will make some suggestions on the content of AI textbooks in primary and secondary schools. Additionally, he will introduce Comau's latest creation - e.DO, a modular, open-source, Industry 4.0-enabled, “build-it-yourself” robot developed for educational projects. 

Comau is thrilled to be a part of this event. It will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest new technologies, products, applications and ideas. Comau is constantly committed in investing in innovation, representing a strong boost for the development of the most innovative technologies, such as machine learning and AI, in China.

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