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Comau protagonist of the 2nd National Project Management Forum

Comau is sponsor of the second edition of the National Project Management Forum organized on October 19th, at the Congress Center of the Maritime Station of Naples, by the Southern Italy Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), in collaboration with the University of Bari.

A day of work, during which there will be interventions by experts and company testimonies, dedicated to the theme of "Project Management 5.0", to discuss how the digital transformation is changing the activities of the Project Manager and what can be the proposals, the methodologies and the useful projects to face the change that is affecting this sector.

Comau is present at the SME Forum with an exhibition space where participants have the opportunity to receive information on the company and on the activities of the Project Management Office (PMO), one of the most strategic functions for the development of each company project. Visitors will also have the opportunity to try MATE, the innovative wearable exoskeleton for upper limbs, designed to support workers during repetitive and tiring operations, allowing them to improve the quality of work.

In particular, Roberto Guida, Head of Global PMO of Comau, spoke at the event with a speech on the theme "Digital transformation as a new value for Comau and its customers", which presented the most effective methodology to use the skills of the PMO to support the commitment to innovation of a global company, operating in an increasingly interconnected and competitive environment.  According to Comau, digital transformation is leading to a redefinition of the management models of company programs, with the use of different Project Management methodologies and approaches from the traditional ones. In this context, the Project Manager and the new PMO function become indispensable both to support the transition of companies to digital, and to develop innovative products and projects, in response to a market where reduced time-to-market, speed and flexibility are key requirements.

More information on the event program is available on the Forum website.

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