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Comau as keynote speaker at Exo Berlin International Exhibition and Symposium 2018

Comau, worldwide leader in industrial automation, is presenting its recently launched exoskeleton MATE at the International Exhibition and Symposium for Exoskeletons & Human Augmentation Systems, held at the Adlershof con.vent Hotel in Berlin, Germany from October 23-24, 2018.

The MATE exoskeleton has been designed to improve work quality in an efficient and highly ergonomic manner by providing consistent and advanced movement assistance during repetitive, as well as daily tasks. By replicating the movement of the shoulder, MATE reduces the shoulder muscle activity for some muscles up to 50% and thus reduces workers fatigue, making it truly Fit for Workers. It uses an advanced spring-based, passive structure and delivers lightweight, breathable and highly effective postural support without the need for batteries, motors or other failure-prone devices. 

At Exo Berlin, Comau visitors will have the chance to wear and test MATE, and to talk to the Comau experts on-site. In addition, Comau’s Manager of Product Marketing, Andrea Ivaldi, will give a speech at the Exo Berlin Symposium, presenting MATE’S function and benefits to the professional audience of manufacturers, technical designers, system integrators and service providers from industry and academia. Exo Berlin is a platform which focuses exclusively on exoskeleton and human augmentation technologies in the field of industrial, medical, military and commercial fields and provides an overview of the latest innovations and technologies.

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