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Comau attended the 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation & Development Forum

On September 20, the 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation & Development Forum organized by OFweek was successfully held in Shanghai. Famous experts, scholars and senior enterprise managers in the intelligent manufacturing field gathered to focus on the frontier technology and development trends in intelligent manufacturing. Mr Jin Wei, Comau Robotics and Automation Products Sales Director, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech about HUMANufacturing and Comau’s digital solutions for the manufacturing field. 

Mr. Jin Wei introduced Comau global leader in advanced industrial automation products and systems, including a wide range of industrial robots. Comau has manufacturing factories worldwide and more than 30,000 Comau industrial robots have been installed globally. While the industry is emerging into Industry 4.0, Comau continues to design and produce innovative new products and systems like e.DO, the educational robot, and the exoskeleton MATE, both of which will be released soon in China.  

Unlike the traditional industrial robots developed by Comau, e.DO is an educational robot  based on open-source hardware and software. Its modular, flexible structure support personal configuration so users can use its dedicated app to design the  algorithm to control and change its movement. With user-friendly interface, e.DO enable users to build personal robots and explore and expand the unknown world of robots.

MATE is a lightweight, passive, portable upper-limb exoskeleton that is fully able to replicate the dynamic movements of the operator’s shoulder so as to provide effective postural support and stable movement assistance to reduce the operator’s burden of repetitive tasks. With respect to ergonomics, MATE is naturally comfortable and highly breathable, as well as easy to wear. MATE has a broad market for repetitive and labor-intensive work, like car assembly, tool handling, and others. 

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