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Comau showcases e.DO™ on CCTV “Machine vs. Human” season 2

Season 2 of the TV show "Machine vs. Human" is being broadcast on CCTV- 1 at 8 P.M. each Saturday from August 11 to November. "Machine vs. Human" continues to demonstrate the exciting competition between hi-tech machines and the strongest humans. In the new season, Comau showcases the new educational robot e.DO, which becomes the helpful “assistant” of the star guest on the show.

 “Machine vs. Human” is a scientific challenge program in the form of a competition between robots and people. In this new season, more than 30 of the latest technologies developed by top-ranking companies and China’s national scientific research institutions are presented to compete with the most powerful humans.

You may still remember the exciting competition between Comau robots and two basketball superstars - Jeremy Lin and Song Hejin - in the last season. Comau robots take part in "Machine vs. Human" again in the new season.  e.DO is updated to move and control the “Rights Staves” voting machines. As a permanent guest, e.DO is accompanying audiences for the whole season to witness the story behind scientific innovations.

Three e.DO educational robots, controlled by 3 tablets, will be shown in this project. To present the best project possible, the 3 robots must move simultaneously and synergistically, which is a challenge for the robot engineers. e.Do will perform perfect movement while smoothly carrying  the voting machines to the show guests. Zero mistakes and amazing synchronism make the project extremely eye-catching.

Unlike the traditional industrial robots developed by Comau, e.DO is an educational robot based on open-source hardware and software. Its modular, flexible structure supports personal configuration so users can use its dedicated app to design the algorithm to control and change its movement. With a user-friendly interface, e.DO enables users to build personal robots and explore and expand the unknown world of robotics.

Comau is devoted to the development of new HUMANufacturing solutions for industrial automation, which is one of the many reasons why CCTV chose and trusted Comau with this project.

The story between Comau and CCTV ‘"Machine vs. Human" is currently being written; the story between you and e.DO, are you ready for it?

e.DO will be officially launched in Shanghai very soon.

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