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Comau presented at the 4th Motor Assembly & Test Summit in Shanghai

In the month of July, the 4th Motor Assembly & Test Summit took place in Shanghai and attracted more than 400 professionals to attend.

Mr. Lu Weiping, Comau’s Powertrain Assembly Manager of New Energy Vehicle Assembly, made a speech entitled “Challenges Powertrain System Manufacturers Face from Electrical Vehicles Market”.

Mr. Lu Weiping discussed the development of the electric vehicle market, including the existing plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, blade electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel vehicle and other possible new fuel power technologies in the future. 

The integration of automotive motor systems is an inevitable technical route. The electric-driving system is mainly embodied in the electromechanical integration of motor and engine, motor and gearbox, or motor and brake system. Mainstream vehicle factories have started to design and develop brand new designs for platforms, brake systems and wheel systems, so as to integrate motor and power transmission devices. Moreover, with the development of automobile part manufacturers and electromechanical integration, the companies for gearbox and electrical machinery are required to work together to design the specialized mechatronics integrated transmission gearbox; this means the electric-driving systems market will not be confined only in OEMs, but also in new or traditional part factories.

With more than 40 years of experience in automation, powertrain engine and gearbox assembly, Comau has become one of the best cooperative partners by making use of flexible automatic, modular and scalable solutions and the integration of the solution for the key process. For the assembly process of electric drive systems, Comau has standard technologies, such as SMARTCUBE, LHYTE (Laser HYbrid Technology), the highly efficient and multifunctional Agile1500 AGV, CNC machining technology and reliable dynamic balancing techniques.

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