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Comau presented at the 2018 Car Body Welding Engineering Summit

Comau, a leading global company in the development and implementation of automation systems, presented at the 2018 Car Body Welding Engineering Summit in Shanghai. Comau presented its innovative solutions and products for body assembly.

Backed by unparalleled market expertise and a global technological network, Comau is continuously developing, testing and deploying leading-edge manufacturing and assembly solutions that address the dynamic changes happening in the market. From flexible, high-speed vehicle manufacturing, including multi-material, to the use of simulation techniques that shorten overall program timeframes, customers can count on Comau innovation to increase both productivity and quality.

Comau Global Solutions Development Manager Tao Xiaowei stated, “Reconfigurable Pallets, is one new solution developed by GSD, is a fully mechanical, reliable, scalable and modular system that can fully meet the flexible needs for future model RPS(Reference Point System)  with no limitations for future platform plans.”

Comau China has also developed predictive maintenance solutions that work by collecting and analyzing all data, thereby reducing equipment down-time and improving production efficiency.

As a worldwide leader in body assembly technologies, Comau has delivered 20 ComauFlex body shops globally. In APAC, Comau has installed 100 assembly lines in different body-in-white plants. Comau will continue to optimize and transform engineering and production processes, thereby leading its customers into the future.

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