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Comau’s Digital Solution brings real-time optimization to the factory floor

Comau has been helping companies around the world produce better, faster and more efficiently for over 45 years. Now the global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions is developing a powerful new digital environment that perfectly mirrors the manufacturing lines, thus facilitating the optimization of complex processes and production scenarios.

By creating a “Digital Twin” of the production environment (both machines and humans), operators can use Comau’s virtual solution to understand how to improve the ergonomy of the individual operations, behavioral trends, identify early warning signs, conduct predictive and preventive maintenance, and make projections based on the digitized performance data. In addition, the virtual environment can be used to simulate line modifications including the introduction of new products and manufacturing needs.

To demonstrate its real-time solution and enabling digital transformation technologies, Comau will allow visitors to access the virtual twin of the Mirafiori automotive plant in Torino which uses digitized and robotic applications to optimize its manufacturing performance (Stand 331 - Hall B5).

More precisely, Comau has digitized the door assembly line of the Maserati Levante. Using VR glasses within the virtual environment developed in collaboration with FlexSim, visitors will be immersed in the line and “move” within it, monitoring key process and machinery parameters (e.g. through a continuous check of insights such as vibration, temperature and others). The digital dashboard will also identify issues which could create bottlenecks or breakdowns. When visitors encounter a potential “problem” on the riveting cell, they can print the necessary spare part – directly onsite – using a 3D printer mounted on a Comau robot NJ 60 based on generative design. The application, developed in partnership with Autodesk and Continuous Composites, shows how companies can produce strong, lightweight factory-ready parts on demand. Back in the Maserati plant, this level of predictive intelligence translates to higher productivity and lower costs.

Another concrete example of the digital roadmap designed by Comau, available in the Automatica booth, is the sensorized exoskeleton, which shows visitors how humans can be part of the digital environment in the industrial field. Furthermore, visitors can see the real benefits of using the exoskeleton in manufacturing thanks to analytics that will show the difference within using or not the exoskeleton in terms of ergonomics and muscular effort.


  • Quickly verify production parameters at any stage of the manufacturing process
  • Streamline maintenance operations thus reducing or eliminating downtime
  • Virtual simulation and line behavior testing results in higher productivity, better quality, faster time-to-market and lower costs  
  • 3D printing solutions can reduce procurement time, allow for design adjustments and increase the potential for functionality improvements 
  • Sensorized exoskeleton helps improve ergonomics in the workplace by analyzing movements and activities with analytics and parameter comparisons

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