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Comau at the London Forum on Technologies and Robotics for Manufacturing 4.0 Promoted by the Italian Trade Agency

Comau brings its experience as global leader in the field of industrial automation to the Forum "Manufacturing Technologies & Robotics: the Future is Now", organized by the Italian Trade Agency on June 12 at Imperial College in London.

The event aims to connect industrial manufacturers, the academic world and Italian and British manufacturing sector end users to discuss innovative technologies and new robotics solutions, particularly designed for the automotive, aerospace, composite materials, shipbuilding and health sectors.
Comau participates in the forum with a speech by Ennio Chiatante, Comau Head of Digital Transformation Projects, on the latest technologies developed by the company and HUMANufacturing. It’s an expression with which Comau defines its original approach to the theme of Industry 4.0, which keeps the worker as the center of the production system.

During the speech, Comau addresses many topics. Among these, it’s particularly relevant to focus on the importance of an efficient balance between the use of industrial automation and the human support within the factory, defined as "rightsized automation". Comau also presents the technologies developed to collect the emerging opportunities in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, through the strategic and joint use of digital technologies, wearable robotics solutions, cobots, systems for a human-machine collaboration and digital twin applications. In addition, Comau presents e.DO: the small, compact, 100% open source modular robot, developed to open the world of robotics to educational and consumer fields, as well as light applications in the industrial sector. Today, Comau is present in the UK with two plants: Rugby (headquarters) and Gateshead, which support companies operating in many industrial sectors, from general industry to automotive and the logistics to packaging sectors.

To participate in the Forum you can register here.

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