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GELLIFY Industry 4.0 Roadshow is hosted by COMAU

An innovative workshop to design Open Innovation journey for Industry 4.0

New technologies are deeply changing the industrial ecosystem, giving rise to the «factory of the future». Open Innovation model can make the difference, creating a bridge between innovative start-ups and consolidated companies. GELLIFY plays a crucial role inside this mechanism, offering an integrated B2B innovation platform, to connect innovative startups and consolidated companies. GELLIFY has just launched an initiative for enterprises to experiment a model to deploy industry 4.0 through open innovation, focusing on partnership with startups. It is about a cycle of free workshops in different Italian locations, hosted by innovative companies.  Attendees are managers of industrial operations or innovation functions from industrial companies

Comau will host the stage on 23rd May, in Turin.

According to Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner @GELLIFY: “Comau is a reference model for their unique way to redesign automation. They will offer to workshop participants an innovative view on advanced technologies and new user experiences”. Donatella Pinto, Comau Head of Human Resources, pointed out: “Comau is pleased to host the workshop organized by an innovative company like GELLIFY. The event is an interesting opportunity to connect companies and innovative start-ups within the field of industrial automation. As proven by all of its Academy activities, Comau believes in the importance of achieving "open" innovation, sharing ideas, skills and technical know-how from different players.”

Free registrations on this link.

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