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Comau participates in the International Pisa Robotics Festival

Comau sponsors the International Robotics Festival in Pisa, providing the experience and know-how of a leading global industrial automation company. Scheduled from September 7-13, the event is being promoted by the city of Pisa, the Tuscany Region, the university and the Territorial Research Bodies, with the support of the Institute of Biorobotics of the High School Sant'Anna among others. This is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of technological innovation and the possibilities of using robotic technology in a variety of fields - from education to entertainment, medicine to scientific research, and its many industrial applications.

Comau is host to the "Robotics and Industry" conference, during which Maurizio Cremonini - Comau Marketing Manager - presents the company's history of excellence in the field of industrial automation, with particular reference to the automotive segment, illustrating the opportunities and operational benefits offered by robots and automated systems in the production process.

The participation of Comau, together with the testimonies of other important Italian system integrators, reflects on the great industrial automation competency that distinguishes many companies in our country, where the production of instrumental machinery remains one of the driving segments of the Italian economy.

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