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Comau to sponsor the 3rd Automotive Assembly Technology Summit

​Comau will participate as a sponsor of the 3rd Automotive Assembly Technology Summit taking place in Shanghai. Comau will present their powertrain assembly value proposition and Industry 4.0 approach. The event will include more than 600 international experts, researchers and medias.
This summit is one session of the Automotive Technology Conference (ATC), which covers multiple fields of automotive manufacturing, engine assembly, new materials, and new energy vehicles. The Automotive Assembly Technology Summit includes 1 main session and 3 sub-sessions. The key topics of main session include: Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025 in the automotive industry, and how system integrators keep pace with OEM needs. The topics of 3 sub-sessions include: auto powertrain assembly, vehicle assembly and auto battery assembly.
During the summit, Mr. Andrea Messini, Automation Systems and Powertrain Assembly Director, will present Comau’s powertrain assembly value proposition. Comau offers the right mix of expertise: from machining systems to assembly lines to special technology applications, everything focuses on customer needs. Comau has the competency to develop any powertrain process and can assure productivity, flexibility and long-term quality with a wide range of modular systems that span the entire powertrain production chain.
“Comau has 40 plus years of experience and a wide presence all over the world. Innovation is part of our DNA and it’s something that differentiates us amongst our competition because Comau believes that innovation drives the industry toward excellence. From a technological standpoint in the powertrain assembly field, Comau offers strong scalability in the delivered automation contents from manual to full automated stations (SmartMan / SmartRob / SmartCell). As an advanced technology integrator in assembly and testing automation, we can offer our customers our widely experienced and concrete solutions achieved in different automotive fields: gasoline engines 1.3/3.0, diesel engines, transmissions, as well as our latest solutions in EV batteries and motors,” says Mr. Messini.
Mr. Messini talks about the ‘e-value proposition’: “With our experience and know-how in the automotive industry, we can easily develop system solutions for battery modules, packs and motors with our life cycle cost simulation, for example, which has a high OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) achievement.”
Mr. Andrea Messini will also introduce Comau’s approach to Industry 4.0. Comau has called this new approach to the manufacturing world HUMANufacturing, where humans and robots work side-by-side, in total safety, and industrial machines are intelligent, easy-to-use, and capable of working independently with people in connected production systems. “Our role is to guide companies of all sizes throughout this process, providing them with customized solutions that are fully connected and easy to use,” concludes Messini.

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