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Welcome to the Comau Academy

Young Talents

To be successful in business and to work efficiently in the business world, it’s no longer enough to attain excellence from a disciplined technical point of view. Today, global companies are constantly looking for young people who possess both the technical skills and the aptitude to become the leaders of tomorrow. To confront the challenges of the increasingly competitive international market, the management Comau Academy has two different programs for students who want to grow quickly, join the business world and achieve ambitious personal and professional results.

Project & People Management School

Improve your preparation and effectivness in managing people and projects by immersing yourself in a global company.

2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in Manufacturing 4.0

Earn a Master’s degree in Manufacturing 4.0 from the Politecnico di Torino while working in – and being hired by – Comau. The specialized training program combines classroom and hands-on experience, and is dedicated to all students coming from the best universities.

Duration: 2 years

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The Robo-School project

An innovative educational initiative from Dschola, in association with Comau and CRT Foundation, will run for around 2,800 Piedmontese students from 6 to 19 years old and 100 professors.

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Robotics License

Comau believes in young people and their role in continuing the development of the industrial automation sector in Italy and the world at large. For this reason, we have developed a training program that allows students to work together with our company and become robotics experts, even while they are still in school.

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