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​Agile1500 is the first model within the Comau automated guided vehicles platform and is based upon Comau’s open automation design approach: it is flexible enough to be deployed across a wide range of manufacturing and non manufacturing scenarios.


  • ​High performance vehicle
  • Best in class payload to size ratio
  • Modular design
  • Multipurpose applications can be implemented
  • Multiple navigation systems are possible


  • ​Complete reconfigurability protects ROI and reduces TCO
  • Full compatibility with other Kollmorgen-based AGV systems
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Full connectivity and diagnostic Factory 4.0 ready
  • Human-robot collaborative (safe)
  • Improved safety and ergonomics compared to traditional solutions
  • Simplified maintenance

Technical specifications

External dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]
1404 x 680 x 330
Weight [Kg]
Maximum payload [Kg]
Maximum speed [m/s]
1.7 (in natural navigation)
Positioning repeatability [mm]
Maximun towing force [N]
Maximun grade [%]
Operating environment
Battery type
Maintenance-free Lead
Battery characteristics [V] - [Ah]
24 - 205
Power supply
24 Vdc Power, 24 Vdc Auxilliary
CANopen fieldbus

​(*) frinction 0.5 / 350 kg on vehicle plate


Manual charging-battery charger: the battery charger can be plugged either to the vehicle or to the additional battery pack.
Vehicle lifting bars: through the lifting bars is possible to lif the vehicle from the floor either to do maintenance. 
Battery trolley: this make easier to drag the battery pack and to replace it in the vehicle – this option is highly recommended.
Additional battery pack + battery support: the additional battery pack is an useful option in case the charging strategy will be the battery swap. The battery support is a dropping station for the batteries that have to be left in charge.
Multi navigation: natural navigation + magnetic navigation; the vehicle basic configuration includes the natural navigation, the multi navigation can be included on demand.
Backward motion: to move in reverse an additional rear bumper must be added. Although a bumper is installed, the maximum speed in reverse is approximately 250-300 mm/s
Manual control device MCD8 HS: to make the vehicle move manually. It is similar to a robot teach pendant but one single device could be used for more vehicles. It has got also the dead man functionality.
Sick programming cable for laser scanner: since the laser scanner on board is programmable, a programming cable might be needed.
Automatic charging station: is composed by a battery charger, a docking station and contacts plates on the vehicle side. This make possible the vehicle to approach autonomously the docking station and go to charging when the battery level is low.
Lithium batteries: are the best choice in case of big fleet (>10 vehicles) and multiple shifts applications. 
•    Recharging time: 4-5 times shorter than lead
•    Opportunity charging allowed
•    Lifecycle up to 2000 cycles