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Comau Rebel-S won the “Annual Technical Innovation Award” in China

​Dec. 23rd, 2016, Shenzhen - “The 2016 Annual Golden Award Ceremony” was successfully held at the Vienna Hotel.
Comau won two awards during the evening: the 2016 Annual Multinational Performance Award and the Technical Innovation Award (SCARA Robot for International Brand).

This award ceremony was organized by GG Robert, a world-renowned robotics media source in China, in order to gather better branding and products among the rapidly growing robotics industry.

The Performance Award is mainly composed of Comau robot brand’s yearly innovative market presence, while the Technical Innovation Award affirmed the new Rebel-S, which just launched this year during the CIIF Show in China.

About the new product:
Rebel-S is the recently launched 4-axis SCARA robot in 5 different models with a payload of 6kg and 3 different reaches. The name Rebel-S reflects the differences embodied by the SCARA compared with the other robots in Comau’s portfolio. They can be considered “rebels” in the sense that they are not being articulated, they offer a variety of mounting positions, and they utilize spacers - a simple, yet very innovative solution able to extend the robot's reach.

Rebel-S Video:


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